How You Can Spot a Fake Online Restaurant Review

Have you ever searched online for a new college town restaurant? Especially if you’re thinking of trying out a new place, it’s good to check out online reviews before you go. However, not all college town restaurants reviews are from actual happy customers. So, how can you spot a fake restaurant review from authentic input? Try using these tips to decipher online restaurant reviews!

Clues That You Might Be Reading A Fake Restaurant Review

How to spot a fake restaurant review for a college town restaurant

1. Compare Reviews – If one website is only posting fabulous reviews or extremely negative ones, check other review sites for comparison. While fake reviews can be difficult to spot, usually different websites will give you a better overall sense of what people are saying about that college town restaurant.

2. Verify the Source – Be wary of anonymous reviews that are negative. Sometimes competitors will post bad experiences just to keep you from a college town restaurant. Online reviews that are verified by the site are most likely legitimate comments.

3. Don’t Get Starry-Eyed – Sometimes the star ratings that are at either end of the spectrum could be a potential fake review. Rather than just one-star or five-star ratings, look more for the moderate ratings and comments on your college town restaurant.

4. Search for Insight – As you read through the reviews, search for information that the restaurant may not think to post. This could include the best area to sit in the restaurant for a view or privacy.

5. Look at the Overall Picture – Once you’ve done your research, try to get an overall feel of all the comments and reviews for the specific college town restaurant. Typically, a long list of all-positive or all-negative reviews should wave a red flag. Real restaurant reviews usually cover different levels of experience from the users.

In the end, you should be able to make your own call about going to a cool college town restaurant or not. Hopefully, you’ll have a great experience and add your own authentic voice to the next online review!

Have you had a great time in a college town restaurant? Let us know! We’ll keep giving tips for enjoying the culture of your college town through football and food.

Is the Bar the Best Seat at a College Town Restaurant?

College town restaurant dining tipsHaving a great time in a college town is all about finding the right spot to eat and drink. College town restaurants are a great place to meet friends, watch pre-game analysis, and wind down after you leave the stadium. What most people don’t realize is that getting a table in a college town restaurant is over-rated. Ask anyone who’s worked in the restaurant industry, and they’ll tell you that the best seat in the house is at the bar.

Get the Best Seat in a College Town Restaurant

When you sit at the bar in a college town restaurant, you get quicker service. The bartender has you in front of him or her through out your entire dining experience, so there’s no chance that they will forget about you, no matter how busy they become. When you sit at the bar, you often get drinks much faster then you would at a table because most bar tenders will pour drinks for the customers that they actually see before them rather than the drinks that the servers order from them for their tables. And don’t be afraid to order from the full dinner menu. Most college town restaurants are happy to serve any dish from their menu to patrons sitting at the bar. However, if the bar is crowded, you might be better off choosing to order an appetizer or a small plate dish, just to give yourself some more elbow room in a college town restaurant.

 Make Friends With The Bartender

The bartender can be your secret weapon in having a great experience both in the college town restaurant and after you leave it. Most bartenders are surprisingly honest about which dishes they like and think you should try and which ones you might be better off avoiding. The bartender is also a great resource if you’d like to pair your meal with a beverage-most of them love making recommendations. If the bartender isn’t busy, he might even create a special cocktail for you.

Additionally, the bartender can be a great guide for guests in an unfamiliar town. They almost always live in the same town where they work, so they can give you the scoop on what other college town restaurants you should try, which night life hot spots you should hit, and other not-to-be-missed attractions in the city.

Have you had some great service in a college town restaurant? Let us know! We’ll keep giving tips for enjoying the culture of your college town through football and food.

Taste of the Town: Week 12 Segment

This month 9 years ago Bin 612 opened for business in the middle of the cotton district and has since become a popular local restaurant. I stopped in and had their famous Bin 612 Burger .. black angus ground fresh patties made by hand and grilled, topped with hickory smoked bacon, pepperjack cheese, a garlic aioli and served on homemade paska bread. Add some grilled chicken nachos on the side and you’ve really got something you can sink your teeth into.

Taste of the Town: Week 10 Segment

After a week off from Taste of the town I got to enjoy some sweet treats during my visit to East Lansing. Before the game I headed over to Holland Michigan where my son is a Freshman Basketball player at Hope College. That’s where I found the Holland Peanut Store. Family owned and operated for over 100 years, it’s a candy lovers paradise with every kind of chocolate you hope for.

Taste of the Town: Week 8 Segment

Last week I thought I would try something new for the Taste of the Town. What goes along with College Football better than tailgating? Talk about a feast of choices. However, with Arkansas in town I decided to go with some pig. Mike & Bonnie were offering up ribs, smoked pork, grilled bacon wrap chicken jalapeño poppers and a wide assortment of side dishes and homemade desserts. Let me tell you it was tailgating heaven.

Taste of the Town: Week 6 Segment

Last week I asked Stanford fans and alumni on Twitter via Taste of the Town where I could find the best food they had to offer. I got so many replies I couldn’t make up my mind on one place to eat. What does that mean?

It means a delicious Paul Rueben Sandwich from Ike’s Place on campus with pastrami, homemade poppy seed, cole slaw, swiss cheese and french dressing on dutch crunch bread, Cinnamon Streusel topped blueberry coffee cake from Hobees Restaurant and a hand-crafted medium roast coffee from Philz Coffee. You gotta love it.

Oklahoma Sooners vs Texas Longhorns

The Oklahoma Sooners have been dominating the Texas Longhorns by a 146-58 margin. Oklahoma has taken the win on the last three games in the series, which doesn’t look good for the Longhorns when they take on the No. 12 Sooners again this Saturday. The battle will be taking place at the Cotton Bowl during the State Fair of Texas and Oklahoma fans seem to be gearing up for another win.

Oklahoma Sooners vs Texas Longhorns

“I don’t want to talk about last year. This isn’t the 2012 Texas Longhorns.” That’s what Texas junior defensive back Quandre Diggs had to say but the 2013 Longhorn defense isn’t looking too good either. Previously ranked No. 15, the Longhorns suffered a 40-21 loss against BYU in the second game. The day after Texas gave up a school record 550 yards rushing against BYU, coach Mack Brown fired their second year coordinator Manny Diaz. When you fire the coordinator after two games – that’s not a good sign.

The Texas Longhorns came back with a win over Kansas State. Another win for the Longhorns came with a field goal in the last 4 minutes against the Iowa State Cyclones. However, when it comes to the Sooners, Texas will need to makes sure they don’t give up a big lead early on. That’s been the Longhorns fate for the last two years. In each year against the Longhorns, the Oklahoma Sooners have had the game in the bag by halftime.

“They were more physical than us,” Coach Brown said. “The games were over before they started.”

A lot of fans were hoping to see the Texas Longhorns become a Big 12 winner this year but that hasn’t been working out so good. The Longhorns are looking slightly overmatched against the unbeaten Sooners. What do you think will happen this Saturday? Will the Longhorns come out of their slump against the Sooners?

Taste of the Town: Week 5 Segment

Last week I had the pleasure of stopping in at the City Cafe right across the Black Warrior River in NorthPort. This place has been there for over 80 years and for good reason. It was delicious.

The menu at the City Cafe features different meat and vegetables for each day of the week. I was more than happy to dive right into one of Friday’s selections and one of my favorites, Fried Chicken Livers with onions and gravy.

Washington Huskies vs Stanford Cardinals

Stanford Football Stadium

The No.15 Washington Huskies (@UWAthletics) will be traveling to face off against the No.5 Stanford Cardinals (@StanfordFball) this Saturday night. Quarterback Keith Price has Washington at 4-0 this season with 1,044 yards passing, nine touchdowns and only two interceptions for 2013. Price is playing the best football of his career and the Huskies are going to need that this weekend versus Stanford.

Stanford is still feeling the pain from last year after losing 17-13. In a critical Pac-12 North battle, Washington is hoping to make this two in a row against the Cardinal. However, Stanford is not planning on a repeat of last year. Stanford Cardinal left tackle Andrus Peat made the comment, “Definitely not an experience I want to have again.”

Last year, the Cardinal failed to make an offensive touchdown against the Huskies. As the former quarterback, Josh Nunes completed 18 of 37 passes for 170 yards, often misfiring completely or throwing at the receivers feet. Stanford has since moved from an offense that counted on short and intermediate passes to tight ends to an offense going deep to wide receivers who are creating separation without interruption.

Last week, Stanford Cardinal quarterback Kevin Hogan showed his best performance of the season in the Cardinal win over Washington State. In a 55-17 victory on the same field, Hogan threw for 286 yards and three touchdowns. This proves how far the offense has come since last year.

The Washington Huskies are going to need to see a huge game from wide receivers Kevin Smith and Kasen Williams. Quarterback Keith Price has seemed to make Smith and Williams his favorite targets this season, who have caught 15 and 16 catches each. You can expect for both wide outs to be crucial in the Huskies’ game plan this Saturday.

Who do you think will take victory of this game on Saturday? Leave me your comments below.

Taste of the Town: Week 4 Segment

Last week I had the pleasure of stopping by Georges Bar & Grill during week 4 of the 2013 college football season. I couldn’t pass up experiencing their famous Fried Shrimp Po’ Boys for myself.

Of course you can’t have a Po’ Boy without throwing in some Thin-Sliced Fried Catfish and Jalepeno Cheese Fries. Delicious!!