Do You Do These Restaurant Don’ts?

If you’ve never worked in the service industry, you may not be aware of certain restaurant taboos. These inconsiderate behaviors are easy to fix once people realize that thoughtful conduct goes a lot further than rudeness. Hopefully, you don’t do any of these college town restaurant don’ts!

Avoid These College Town Restaurant Don’ts

Dos and Don'ts at College Town Restaurants

• Walk into a restaurant and expect a full dinner 15 minutes before closing time. You may not realize that the entire restaurant staff has been working diligently to prepare to shut down for the night. Especially if you’re with a large group, try finding an all-night diner instead of forcing your way into a closing restaurant.

• No-Show on a reservation. If you’ve made a reservation, the hosting staff is keeping a table open and ready for your party. Please be thoughtful enough to call and cancel if something comes up last minute.

• Split a small check. If you’re in any sort of a hurry, don’t ask your server to split the check. This takes more time than you expect and may require management’s approval. If time is a issue or the restaurant is busy, go ahead and pay for your friend’s lunch. Especially if the bill is under $30, why not be the hero and pay the whole thing?

• Sit down at dirty tables. This is a no-brainer. Please be patient for a clean table. Not only does it help the staff clean on and under the table better, but it also shows them a little respect.

• Lie about your party’s size. If you tell the host that you’re expecting a certain number of people in your group just to get a bigger table, that interferes with the way the college town restaurant runs. Neither the restaurant or the server will make as much money with your party occupying more space than you need. If your server was expecting a group of eight, they may have turned down other tables in order to take better care of your large party. When only three people show up, this hinders the server’s ability to make optimum tips and he or she may not give you good service because of this.

Every once in awhile, things come up where you might have to inconvenience the restaurant’s staff. If you make it worth their while by being considerate and leaving a big tip, your server will end up having a much better evening and your conscience should be clear!

Have you had a great time in a college town restaurant? Let us know! We’ll keep giving tips for enjoying the culture of your college town through football and food.

How You Can Spot a Fake Online Restaurant Review

Have you ever searched online for a new college town restaurant? Especially if you’re thinking of trying out a new place, it’s good to check out online reviews before you go. However, not all college town restaurants reviews are from actual happy customers. So, how can you spot a fake restaurant review from authentic input? Try using these tips to decipher online restaurant reviews!

Clues That You Might Be Reading A Fake Restaurant Review

How to spot a fake restaurant review for a college town restaurant

1. Compare Reviews – If one website is only posting fabulous reviews or extremely negative ones, check other review sites for comparison. While fake reviews can be difficult to spot, usually different websites will give you a better overall sense of what people are saying about that college town restaurant.

2. Verify the Source – Be wary of anonymous reviews that are negative. Sometimes competitors will post bad experiences just to keep you from a college town restaurant. Online reviews that are verified by the site are most likely legitimate comments.

3. Don’t Get Starry-Eyed – Sometimes the star ratings that are at either end of the spectrum could be a potential fake review. Rather than just one-star or five-star ratings, look more for the moderate ratings and comments on your college town restaurant.

4. Search for Insight – As you read through the reviews, search for information that the restaurant may not think to post. This could include the best area to sit in the restaurant for a view or privacy.

5. Look at the Overall Picture – Once you’ve done your research, try to get an overall feel of all the comments and reviews for the specific college town restaurant. Typically, a long list of all-positive or all-negative reviews should wave a red flag. Real restaurant reviews usually cover different levels of experience from the users.

In the end, you should be able to make your own call about going to a cool college town restaurant or not. Hopefully, you’ll have a great experience and add your own authentic voice to the next online review!

Have you had a great time in a college town restaurant? Let us know! We’ll keep giving tips for enjoying the culture of your college town through football and food.

Is the Bar the Best Seat at a College Town Restaurant?

College town restaurant dining tipsHaving a great time in a college town is all about finding the right spot to eat and drink. College town restaurants are a great place to meet friends, watch pre-game analysis, and wind down after you leave the stadium. What most people don’t realize is that getting a table in a college town restaurant is over-rated. Ask anyone who’s worked in the restaurant industry, and they’ll tell you that the best seat in the house is at the bar.

Get the Best Seat in a College Town Restaurant

When you sit at the bar in a college town restaurant, you get quicker service. The bartender has you in front of him or her through out your entire dining experience, so there’s no chance that they will forget about you, no matter how busy they become. When you sit at the bar, you often get drinks much faster then you would at a table because most bar tenders will pour drinks for the customers that they actually see before them rather than the drinks that the servers order from them for their tables. And don’t be afraid to order from the full dinner menu. Most college town restaurants are happy to serve any dish from their menu to patrons sitting at the bar. However, if the bar is crowded, you might be better off choosing to order an appetizer or a small plate dish, just to give yourself some more elbow room in a college town restaurant.

 Make Friends With The Bartender

The bartender can be your secret weapon in having a great experience both in the college town restaurant and after you leave it. Most bartenders are surprisingly honest about which dishes they like and think you should try and which ones you might be better off avoiding. The bartender is also a great resource if you’d like to pair your meal with a beverage-most of them love making recommendations. If the bartender isn’t busy, he might even create a special cocktail for you.

Additionally, the bartender can be a great guide for guests in an unfamiliar town. They almost always live in the same town where they work, so they can give you the scoop on what other college town restaurants you should try, which night life hot spots you should hit, and other not-to-be-missed attractions in the city.

Have you had some great service in a college town restaurant? Let us know! We’ll keep giving tips for enjoying the culture of your college town through football and food.

How to Get Great Service at College Town Restaurants

Getting great service at college town restaurantsWhile getting good service anywhere is becoming more and more rare these days, it is still possible, even at college town restaurants. You simply have to know the tricks for getting good service.

Tips for Great Service at College Town Restaurants

1. Choose the Right Time

If you visit college town restaurants as a game or graduation is letting out, you can expect to wait a long time for your food and have hurried service. Aim for the less busy times of day.

2. Be Friendly

Being rude and insulting the waitress will not help your food cook any faster. Whether you are dining at college town restaurants or five star restaurants, it always pays to be polite to your server.

3. Don’t Be Cheap

If your order a water, no appetizer and the cheapest thing on the menu, the waitress is going to assume you are cheap. She knows she’s only getting ten percent from you, so she isn’t going to bother with stellar service. Don’t be cheap.

4. Ask the Waitress Which Dishes are the Most Popular

Don’t risk ordering something that the locals know to stay away from. The waitress will know which dishes are customer favorites.

5. Don’t Make too Many Substitutions

While making a few modifications is okay, if you make countless modifications, you are just begging the restaurants to mess up your order. Order something you will like that doesn’t require a major overhaul.

6. Be a Frequent Customer

When you always visit the same restaurants, you give the staff a chance to get to know you and what you like. This will get you better service, as servers tend to take better care of people they like and know.

7. Order Quickly When You See a Large Party Come In

When large parties come in college town restaurants, servers and cooks start scrambling. If you see one on their way in, make sure you order quickly so you can get your food before the rush.

Have you had some great service in the local hot spots in your college town? Let us know! We’ll keep giving tips for enjoying the culture of your college town through football and food.