Todd Blackledge visited Michigan State during week 10 of the 2013 college football season. After a week off from Taste of the town Todd enjoyed some sweet treats during his visit to East Lansing. The episode aired on November 2nd during the Michigan vs Michigan State game in East Lansing.

“Doing the Michigan Michigan State game afforded me a unique opportunity to jump in the car and drive 90 miles west to Holland, Michigan, home of Hope College, where my son Harrison is a freshman basketball player. Now, I brought my Taste of the Town camera crew with me, and what I found was a real slice of Americana. A kid and candy-lover’s dream called The Holland Peanut Store. This place has been owned and operated by the Fabiano family for over one hundred years. In fact, they’re working on their fifth generation now. They have every imaginable kind of candy and a variety of homemade chocolate treats, like my favorite, malted milk balls, and fresh roasted nuts. I’ll have some for here and to-go!”