Have you ever searched online for a new college town restaurant? Especially if you’re thinking of trying out a new place, it’s good to check out online reviews before you go. However, not all college town restaurants reviews are from actual happy customers. So, how can you spot a fake restaurant review from authentic input? Try using these tips to decipher online restaurant reviews!

Clues That You Might Be Reading A Fake Restaurant Review

How to spot a fake restaurant review for a college town restaurant

1. Compare Reviews – If one website is only posting fabulous reviews or extremely negative ones, check other review sites for comparison. While fake reviews can be difficult to spot, usually different websites will give you a better overall sense of what people are saying about that college town restaurant.

2. Verify the Source – Be wary of anonymous reviews that are negative. Sometimes competitors will post bad experiences just to keep you from a college town restaurant. Online reviews that are verified by the site are most likely legitimate comments.

3. Don’t Get Starry-Eyed – Sometimes the star ratings that are at either end of the spectrum could be a potential fake review. Rather than just one-star or five-star ratings, look more for the moderate ratings and comments on your college town restaurant.

4. Search for Insight – As you read through the reviews, search for information that the restaurant may not think to post. This could include the best area to sit in the restaurant for a view or privacy.

5. Look at the Overall Picture – Once you’ve done your research, try to get an overall feel of all the comments and reviews for the specific college town restaurant. Typically, a long list of all-positive or all-negative reviews should wave a red flag. Real restaurant reviews usually cover different levels of experience from the users.

In the end, you should be able to make your own call about going to a cool college town restaurant or not. Hopefully, you’ll have a great experience and add your own authentic voice to the next online review!

Have you had a great time in a college town restaurant? Let us know! We’ll keep giving tips for enjoying the culture of your college town through football and food.

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