Taste of the Town: Week 3 Segment

This past weekend I got to visit Pawleys Front Porch in Columbia, South Carolina. There I got to experience one of their famous half-pound burgers.

I went with the Isle of Palms burger with housemade primento cheese and jalapeno bacon. With a side of hand-cut home fries, this meal was as delicious at it looks!

Taste of the Town: Week 2 Segment

Last week I visited Mama’s Boy on the east side of Athens, Georgia. Going with the southern dining theme, I ordered potato hash with smoked pulled pork and topped with poached eggs and a Carolina fire hollandaise sauce. But my favorite part? Chocolate cake for breakfast!

Unique S’mores Recipes for Summer Time

s'more recipeS’mores are a summertime classic, especially during 4th of July weekend. It might be hard to deviate from the traditional ingredients, but I recommend these variations of the campfire classic.

Turtle S’more

This s’more is similar to the turtle ice cream flavor. Take the original s’more and add chopped pecans and caramel in between the graham crackers.

Grasshopper S’more

To add color and new flavor, replace the chocolate bar with Andes mints.

Mexican S’more

Add some spice to the original s’more! For the Mexican s’more use graham crackers, marshmallows, milk chocolate, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Oreos S’more

This s’more is a big hit with the kids. Use chocolate graham crackers instead of original and add marshmallows, white chocolate and oreo crumbles.

The Elvis S’more

This s’more is inspired by Elvis’ famous peanut butter, bacon and banana sandwich. Make this s’more with graham crackers, marshmallow, peanut butter cup and a banana slice.

What’s your favorite s’mores recipe? Let me know your family traditions or which of these recipes you try!


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