Five of the Best Restaurants in Columbia SC

Are you looking for the best restaurants in Columbia SC? Whether you live in the area or are just traveling through, make sure you visit these best restaurants in Columbia SC. You will be glad you did!

Best Restaurants in Columbia SC
#1 Solstice Kitchen

For a wonderful dining experience, try Columbia’s Solstice Kitchen. Solstice Kitchen offers great food in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Their innovative and fresh menu is full of delicious offerings that come from local farms and suppliers. It is easy to see why Solstice Kitchen is one of the best restaurants in Columbia SC.

Best Restaurants in Columbia SC
#2 Inakaya Watanabe Japanese Restaurant

For the best sushi in Columbia, visit Inakaya. Their wide variety of seafood options are always fresh and delicious, their prices are best restaurants in columbia screasonable and their service is great. For the best Japanese food in the area, this is the place.

Best Restaurants in Columbia SC
#3 Alodia’s

The next time you are looking for a fantastic Italian meal in Columbia, be sure to try Alodia’s. Alodia’s offers mouthwateringly delicious food with attentive service in a great atmosphere. The portions are huge, and the prices are reasonable. For great food in a cozy atmosphere, Alodia’s is easily one of the best restaurants in Columbia SC.

Best Restaurants in Columbia SC
#4 W G’s Wings

For the best wings in Columbia, don’t miss W G’s Wings. The food is great, the service is great, and thanks to the recent updates, the atmosphere inside is great as well. Enjoy perfectly seasoned crispy wings while watching sports on TV and enjoying time with family and friends.

Best Restaurants in Columbia SC
#5 Blue Marlin

If you are looking for the perfect place for a night out with your spouse or friends, be sure to visit Blue Marlin. One of the best restaurants in Columbia SC, Blue Marlin has great sea food, especially the She Crab Soup, and atmosphere is truly enjoyable as well.

Have you found some favorite local hot spots in your town? Let us know! We’ll keep giving tips for enjoying the culture of your college town through football and food.

Find the Best Local Spots in Your College Town

Find the Best Local Spots in Your College Town

The local pizza places and Chinese delivery spots are the go-to restaurants in college towns across the country. College towns actually are home to a number of interesting locally-owned restaurants. Beyond fast food and delivery joints, you can find some of the best places to eat in the country.

Whether you’re a college student looking for something for dinner other than a burrito, or a parent who is visiting your student’s college town for the weekend, we have all the tips you need to find the best place to eat in your college town.

How to find the hidden gems in your college town

The next time you’re hungry and ready to hit the town for a bite to eat, leave the old choices behind. Your college town is full of restaurants that have interesting stories, rich culture, and delicious food.

Here are our tips for finding the best spot for a meal.

Big Bad Breakfast - Todd Blackledge 2

Listen to the townies in your dorm

There are sure to be a few people in your dorm building who were born and raised in the same town where you’re now going to school. Take a cue from them — they know the city like the back of their hand, so they’ll know where to grab breakfast, lunch or dinner. Offer to take them out for a bite to eat, on the condition that they choose the restaurant.

Ask school staff and professors

Your professors probably have good taste, and they live in your college town, too. Ask them about the hole-in-the-wall spot for breakfast or the best place to get fresh local food. They’ll be happy to share the restaurants they love.

Search, search, search

Do a little old school searching — You never know what you’ll find driving around town. When you’re running errands, keep your eyes peeled for restaurants and advertisements for the best fried chicken, freshest seafood, and other local favorites in your town. Don’t forget to search online, where you can find lists of the best places to eat in your town.

Our Favorite Local Spots

We want to help you out finding the special restaurants in your college town that may go unnoticed. Since we travel the country checking out college towns’ best spots, we have gathered some of our favorites. Check out our list to see if you’ve tried any of these!

University of Mississippi – Restaurants in Oxford, MS

Big Bad Breakfast

University of Florida – Restaurants in Gainesville, FL

Ballyhoo Grill

Satchel’s Pizza

University of Georgia – Restaurants in Athens, GA

Weaver D’s

Mama’s Boy

University of South Carolina – Restaurants in Columbia, SC

Blue Marlin

Vegetable Medley

Pawleys Front Porch

University of Arkansas – Restaurants in Fayetteville, AR

Catfish Hole

Doe’s Eat Place

Herman’s Rib Place

Momma Dean’s Soul Food

Have you found some favorite local hot spots in your college town? Let us know! We’ll keep giving tips for enjoying the culture of your college town through football and food.

Taste of the Town: Week 12 Segment

This month 9 years ago Bin 612 opened for business in the middle of the cotton district and has since become a popular local restaurant. I stopped in and had their famous Bin 612 Burger .. black angus ground fresh patties made by hand and grilled, topped with hickory smoked bacon, pepperjack cheese, a garlic aioli and served on homemade paska bread. Add some grilled chicken nachos on the side and you’ve really got something you can sink your teeth into.

Taste of the Town: Week 6 Segment

Last week I asked Stanford fans and alumni on Twitter via Taste of the Town where I could find the best food they had to offer. I got so many replies I couldn’t make up my mind on one place to eat. What does that mean?

It means a delicious Paul Rueben Sandwich from Ike’s Place on campus with pastrami, homemade poppy seed, cole slaw, swiss cheese and french dressing on dutch crunch bread, Cinnamon Streusel topped blueberry coffee cake from Hobees Restaurant and a hand-crafted medium roast coffee from Philz Coffee. You gotta love it.

Taste of the Town: Week 5 Segment

Last week I had the pleasure of stopping in at the City Cafe right across the Black Warrior River in NorthPort. This place has been there for over 80 years and for good reason. It was delicious.

The menu at the City Cafe features different meat and vegetables for each day of the week. I was more than happy to dive right into one of Friday’s selections and one of my favorites, Fried Chicken Livers with onions and gravy.

Taste of the Town: Week 4 Segment

Last week I had the pleasure of stopping by Georges Bar & Grill during week 4 of the 2013 college football season. I couldn’t pass up experiencing their famous Fried Shrimp Po’ Boys for myself.

Of course you can’t have a Po’ Boy without throwing in some Thin-Sliced Fried Catfish and Jalepeno Cheese Fries. Delicious!!


Taste of the Town: Week 3 Segment

This past weekend I got to visit Pawleys Front Porch in Columbia, South Carolina. There I got to experience one of their famous half-pound burgers.

I went with the Isle of Palms burger with housemade primento cheese and jalapeno bacon. With a side of hand-cut home fries, this meal was as delicious at it looks!

Taste of the Town: Week 2 Segment

Last week I visited Mama’s Boy on the east side of Athens, Georgia. Going with the southern dining theme, I ordered potato hash with smoked pulled pork and topped with poached eggs and a Carolina fire hollandaise sauce. But my favorite part? Chocolate cake for breakfast!