milwuakee tailgatingIf you’re looking for a place to post up in your lawn chair and pop the top of a cold one, Wisconsin is said to be the tailgate capital of the world.

At Miller Park, located just west of downtown Milwaukee, you may enjoy the tailgating traditions more than the game itself. With parking lots so huge they have their own concessions, you can buy food or grill on your own. Either way, the smell of bratwurst fills the air!

If you’re heading to your first ever Brewers game this summer, you could be in for a shock. These huge tailgate parties in a gargantuan parking lot will make you wonder if you’re at a Packers game. After all the beverages and brats, several fans don’t even make the long trek into the game

The Culture

Even if you aren’t well prepared with a cooler and a grill, Brewers fans have a reputation of being hospitable. Drink-sharing fans are quick to welcome you into their party, but that may not hold true if you’re a Cardinals fan.

The Food

If you ask around, the people of Milwaukee will either tell you to go bratwurst or Polish sausage. Other popular items include Italian sausage, chorizo sausage and of course, a hot dog. The brats at this stadium are not only reasonably priced, but possibly unbeatable.

If you’re looking for a quality cold beverage, a team named the Brewers surely won’t let you down, right? Considering this is Miller Park, you will be surrounded by this option. While it’s nothing special, it’s likely inexpensive to find a draught.

The Ballpark

Miller Park, formerly Milwaukee County Stadium, is certainly impressive after all the extensive construction. Brewers fans are welcome to enjoy games in any type of weather with their fan-shaped convertible roof that only takes 10 minutes to open or close.

Sadly, Bernie Brewer no longer slides into a vat of beer for each home team home run. The mascot now lands on a platform shaped like home plate.

The tailgating traditions in Milwaukee outrank the other ballparks across America, so plan accordingly. And by that I mean bring a chair, your walking shoes and an empty stomach!


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