Todd Blackledge visited Stanford during week 8 of the 2013 college football season. After a week off from Taste of the town Todd enjoyed some tailgating during his visit to Tuscaloosa. The episode aired on October 19th during the Arkansas vs Alabama game in Tuscaloosa.

“Having down five taste of the towns in Tuscaloosa already, I decided to do something different. So, I came over to the Quad, to visit a tailgate. Now, I had a lot to choose from, all the way from traditional hamburgers and hot dogs to a lively group from Birmingham with a full Italian feast. But with Arkansas in town, I decided I needed to to something pig-related. I found exactly what I wanted at the tailgate of Mike and Bonnie Corbett. The Corbetts have been doing this since 2000 and what Mike’s working today are some ribs and 3 smoked pork butts. Add to that his signature item, the grilled bacon wrapped chicken jalapeno poppers and their assortment of side dishes and homemade desserts. Man, I am ready to settle in. Now, the game starts at 6:15. Tell Ness I’ll be there about 6.”

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